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It all began with one goal: to build the largest recycling village in the world. Meanwhile, the holistic project is much more than this “village”. It’s a place where people can learn about the environment, where rangers patrol the area, where sustainable agriculture and waste management systems come together, and so much more.

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Internship at an aid organization for environmental protection

Throughout the year, we are looking for motivated people who would like to support us as part of their internship. 

As a young non-profit organization, we welcome every new member. So far, we have accepted 8-12 applicants each year, whom we have supported in a wide variety of areas. Because for us, it’s not just what you can already do, but also what you are willing to learn. 

We will invite you to our office for our first introductory meeting. This will give you an impression of your future workspace and allow you to familiarize yourself with the premises. Afterwards, all those present will show you what they are currently working on and what their focus areas are in a cozy conversation. 

After you have gotten to know the team and our different areas of responsibility, we will look together at where your strengths and interests lie. Based on this, we can strengthen your strengths in the future and train you in new areas of interest to you. 

By the end of the introductory interview, you will know the team, be able to imagine what it’s like to work for us and have developed a feel for our daily routine. 

Oh yes! And if you are with us between 1 and 3 pm, you will be in time for lunch. We cook here every day! 

Project Wings


If you decide to join our team, you will have the opportunity to get a taste of all areas and companies. Because every initiative has one goal: to make Project Wings’ projects possible so that together we can make environmental protection socially acceptable.

Wings Life

In our Wings Life Shop we offer products for your sustainable lifestyle. We pay particular attention to the sustainability of our product range. As a Wings member you receive a 25% discount on our product range! The proceeds from Wings Life support the projects of Project Wings.

Wings Experience

The Wings Experience was founded so that more people can put their initiatives on a healthy footing. As the name suggests, the knowledge and experience of founding Project Wings is passed on to associations and individuals.

Wings Member

Our team has grown steadily since it was founded in 2019. Even familiar faces are fully behind our project. Their reach makes our concerns heard. Together we show that everyone really can make a difference!

MDR contribution


In a short documentary about our construction method, you will get to know Marc and David, our managing director and our construction engineers.

Feedback from former interns

My name is Laura, I am 20 years old and I am studying NGO Management.
In order to be admitted to this course, I had to complete a pre-study internship last year.
During my search, I came across Project Wings, which is committed to environmental protection, humanitarian aid and species conservation. The focus here is on plastic waste. The NGO is currently building the first self-sufficient village in Sumatra made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

While working in the Project Wings team, I gained a very diverse insight into the organization’s subject areas.
The course is rather theoretical, which is why it was a great opportunity to work on projects beforehand.
During the internship, I was introduced to the fundraising system and the work behind the online store. This includes product photos, shipping, sorting and storing the products.

One of my areas of responsibility was public relations, where I did research for educational posts on social media. This also included creating design ideas, which allowed me to give free rein to my creativity.
However, I was never left alone, a great team of many interns accompanied my work and gave me great input, which made every day new and fun. Everyone was always seen as an employee and not as an intern, which motivated me a lot.

Public relations also includes event management. This includes the preparation and implementation of face-to-face fundraising. The stand work at the festival in Bonn and the sales at the Mainz Christmas market were particularly enjoyable. Working directly with people and doing educational work is very demanding, but also enables very exciting conversations that show that the work has a meaning that can also move others.

Project Wings is not only active internationally, but also has many regional campaigns. I learned to take responsibility for my own projects. In this way, I was able to accompany the individual processes, from organization and planning to creative brainstorming. Not only did I enjoy it, but it also showed me my own strengths in this area.

We were never left alone with questions and our opinions on topics were taken into account.
In general, there was always a relaxed atmosphere, which nevertheless encouraged productivity.

For me personally, working at Project Wings has shown me that even if you don’t yet have expertise in a particular area, you can grow with your tasks and become part of the team. The young and very open team immediately infected me with their enthusiasm for the topic of sustainability.
My time in the organization has given me great motivation to support people and further strengthen the structures in the area of sustainability. The internship helped me a lot with my personal development, which is why I can only advise anyone to do voluntary work.

Laura O.

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