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With your donation, we implement environmental protection projects with a holistic approach.

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With local initiatives and the support of the government, we have established the first waste management system in the project region. We need support to process even more waste and equip the trash bank with machines.


The Gunung Leuser National Park rainforest is home to the second highest biodiversity in the world. Our rangers and reforestation projects, which are implemented in close cooperation with local farmers, protect the unique biodiversity.


Education is one of the most important keys to a sustainable future. We therefore offer educational units for children, young people and adults. Our environment is made tangible in our three educational facilities and in the coworking office. 


Would you like to find out more about Project Wings? In the following media reports you will find a wide variety of formats, from TV interviews to reports and articles. Click on the respective logo to access the media report.


As a supporter of Project Wings, you are not only an important part of environmental protection and our projects, but also a part of our community.

1. you will receive on every order in our Wings Life Shop 25% discount on the entire shopping cart.

2. we will also keep you up to date on all new promotions.

3. you can volunteer in Sumatra and explore the rainforest on site.

4 You can contact us at any time about an internship or a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

5. you will receive a hand-carved coconut bracelet from our project!


Would you like to find out more about Project Wings? In the following media reports you will find a wide variety of formats, from TV interviews to reports and articles. Click on the respective logo to access the media report.


The project work of Project Wings has received several awards since 2019. Each award focused on a different topic – from the recycling village to our projects for greater species protection.


These companies support us in the design and implementation of our projects. Whether plastic compensation or sponsorship – we are proud of our strong partners!


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Project Wings.

Would you like to get involved in our project work and support us? You can do this in many different ways. Every support helps and reaches our project. You have the option of choosing between a one-off donation or a permanent donation. If you decide to make a permanent donation, you will receive a small surprise from us as a thank you.

You are also welcome to plan your own campaigns and donate the money raised to us. For example via Facebook with a campaign of your choice.

Or for your birthday, you can make sure that your guests donate to us instead of giving presents. Simply give us a subject that you would like your guests to use. This allows us to easily allocate the donations received in your name. Are you unsure? Can’t make up your mind or would like to find out more about us and our project work? Get in touch with us and we will find the right way for you to get involved with your donation.

You can find out more about how you can get involved with us and our project work here: Volunteering.

A donation is also made to Project Wings with every purchase via the Wings Life online store. We also have many partners and great collaborations that support us in our endeavors. Here, too, your purchase or support donates a contribution to Project Wings or offsets it in your name.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for your donation in different ways, whichever is easiest for you. Your support is always received safely and in full via all channels.

For a Paypal donation simply use our e-mail address If you would like to make a traditional bank transfer, whether as a one-off payment or a standing order, you can simply make a donation to our donation account.

Donation account: Project Wings gGmbH

IBAN DE06570501200000282152


Alternatively, you can register directly via our online form. Here you can easily choose between current fundraising campaigns, a single donation or a permanent donation. If you have any questions when filling out the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, giving gifts brings joy and puts a smile on the face of the person receiving them. But what do you do if the person already has everything or you can’t think of anything for their birthday or Christmas? Or do you consciously want to avoid buying something? Then you also have the opportunity to do something good in someone else’s name and give your donation as a gift. You can simply fill in the form on our website as usual, either in your name or that of the person receiving the gift, or write to us and we will work out the perfect way together. We will be happy to issue a certificate so that you are not left empty-handed.

You can choose your donation amount individually. We want to make helping possible for everyone. That is why we have refrained from choosing a starting contribution. Because every contribution helps and 100% of private donations flow directly into our project work. So you can be sure that every cent really does go to the right place. If you have any questions or are unsure how to choose your donation amount, please contact us. We can help you.

Just like your donation amount, you can also freely choose the rhythm of your donation. Compared to individual donations, a regular donation offers the advantage that we can plan with a donation amount that you specify and can therefore draw on financial resources in the long term, but also at short notice in emergency situations. Of course, you can also end or change this donation at any time and do not commit yourself for the next few years. We look forward to welcoming you to our team with a regular donation. And so that everyone else can see that you are part of our team, there is also a little something from us. Be curious.

Would you like to change your donation amount or your personal data? It’s very simple. Simply send us a short e-mail with your request to . As soon as we have processed everything or if we have any queries, we will get back to you. Keep an eye on your spam folder. It can always happen that our e-mails end up there.

Yes, you can claim your donation to Project Wings for tax purposes. You will receive a donation receipt from us. To receive these, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail. We are happy to help you all year round, so you don’t have to wait until the collective certificate.

As a company, you will of course also receive a donation receipt from us, which you can claim for tax purposes. We are also happy to issue both individual and collective receipts.

We will be happy to issue you with individual donation receipts or an annual receipt. Simply send us an e-mail to with a request for a donation receipt, your full name and your tax number. The last few years have shown us that we can save resources and, above all, costs by sending out donation receipts on request rather than automatically. You will therefore no longer receive an automatic donation receipt from us. This allows our team to focus on the project work and the financial resources available to us do not flow into unnecessary processes. We hope you understand this and look forward to receiving your e-mail. You will then receive your donation receipt by e-mail or, if you wish, by post.

If your account is not covered, this has no effect on you. Your money will then be automatically refunded. Unfortunately, we incur chargeback fees that we would rather use for our project work. We will therefore contact you if there are several chargebacks in a row. This way we can be sure that you want to continue supporting our project. Or to find out whether we can help you with a changeover or whether your data has simply changed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Life and circumstances change – of course you can end your donation at any time. Simply send us an e-mail to stating your name and the date on which you would like us to end your donation. We will take care of it as soon as possible and send you a confirmation.

Donate and do good

There are countless projects, aid organizations and associations calling for support. But why and how should you actually donate? And what is the difference between us at Project Wings and other aid organizations?
What is a donation?
A donation is a voluntary contribution that is made without consideration. It does not matter whether the donation is in cash or in kind. Time can also be donated. When aid organizations call for donations, this usually refers to monetary donations or donations in kind. But why do aid organizations call for donations in the first place?
Appeal for donations
As a private individual, this may seem excessive and intrusive. Every day you see posters or advertisements on the Internet and on television, receive e-mails or letters. And they are all calling for donations.
The reason: it’s about not getting lost in the crowd and being a voice for those you stand up for every day. Be it the commitment to children in poverty, the fight against hunger or the commitment to our environment. People are bombarded with new events and stories every day through the media and social media channels. And for every fate, every catastrophe and event, it would be worth donating.
But this daily flood also means that we forget things more quickly. As a private individual, it is more difficult to decide who to donate to. After all, you can’t help everyone. The result: people don’t donate at all.
So if aid organizations simply remain silent and don’t try to get back into people’s minds with images and appeals, they and the projects they support would be forgotten.
The calls may seem a lot to the individual. And individuals may ask themselves whether this makes sense or is a waste of money. Wouldn’t it make more sense to channel the money directly into project work? But without these appeals, without the attention, far less money would be raised for good causes and projects and help would not be provided to the same extent.
Because without you, without private donations and donations from companies, this work would not be possible. As an aid organization, we are the voice and interface, the organizers and initiators. But without the support of all the people who donate money, goods or their time, we would not be able to provide our help.

Why donating is important

Your donation makes it possible for us to help people, animals and the environment every day. You give aid organizations the opportunity to do good with your donation. After all, the commitment to achieving the SDGs – reducing hunger and poverty, providing education and protecting the environment – comes at a cost. And we as aid organizations are not in a position to bear this alone.
But if we do not incur these costs now, if we do not act now, the costs of the consequences that our society will then have to bear will be significantly higher.
Humanitarian aid, development cooperation and commitment to our environment at all levels should concern us all. Because it can affect any of us. Sometimes events seem so far away from us, scenarios so unreal that we think they won’t affect us anyway. And then, the next moment, we find ourselves in a situation that we only know from television.
And wouldn’t we wish that someone somewhere would sit and donate for us? Wouldn’t it also give us hope that someone on the other side of the world, in another country or in the neighborhood is interested in us? And wouldn’t it be a ray of hope if someone stood up for us, used their voice for us and brought our situation to the public’s attention?
Your donation not only helps financially, but also leaves a good feeling. And not just those who benefit from your support.
Do you know the feeling after you have made someone happy? Maybe you gave someone a nice gift or simply did them a favor. The joy of the other person is transferred to you. And this can also be applied to donations.
Many people donate for a good feeling. It doesn’t have to be the altruistic reason that drives you to do good. The way there does not change the impact that can be achieved through your support.
A donation is actually made without anything in return. You can even deduct your donation from your taxes and get something back. In addition to the good feeling you get tax advantages. Or you can easily bring joy to someone else. The sum is irrelevant. Because every support helps.

How much money from my donation arrives?

How much of your money ends up in a project depends on the organization. Expenditure on administration and personnel varies greatly. Basically, it can be said that donations always reach the project. Because if you do not use the donations in accordance with the statutes, you lose your charitable status as an aid organization. This means that no further donations can be collected. And the project and the important aid cannot be implemented.
However, there is a difference in the distribution of money.
We at Project Wings have found a way to use 100% of your private donations only for the project.

Donations for Project Wings

Especially in times when your own bank account doesn’t look rosy either. Or if you are thinking about how you can cover your own costs, it is particularly important to many that every euro arrives. If you’re going to take some of your own money, you want to make sure that every euro arrives.
We understand that. And that’s why we at Project Wings have a concept in which 100 percent of private donations go to the project. As a young team, we know that it can be difficult to spare money for needs other than your own. It is therefore particularly important to us that every euro you spend really goes where it is needed.
Your private donation will therefore only be used for the project. The expenses in Germany are borne by green partner companies. Further funds can also be generated by the companies that are based on Project Wings. These include the online store Wings Life, the Academy Wings Experience and the Wings Coin.
We are proud that every single cent of your private money really does go into the project.
With your support, we can campaign for environmental protection at all levels. We not only focus on nature, but also on people and animals. Because for us, environmental protection is a holistic task.
Help us implement our projects now and make environmental protection socially acceptable. Together with you, we can build the world’s largest recycling village in Indonesia and make our contribution to achieving the SDGs.