A blessing and a curse

The cheap and malleable material conquered us at breakneck speed, but it soon became clear that the flood of plastic was getting out of control.

From an innovation to a global problem

The history of plastic

Plastic is a colloquial term for materials of synthetic origin and its history dates back to 1530. 

Plastic is produced through the polymerization of organic raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas. Until the middle of the twentieth century, plastics production occupied a manageable niche which, however, gained momentum due to its properties and its spread. Although it was known that plastic was harmful to both the environment and health, innovation in the petrochemical industry was exploited to maximize profits. Plastic had the reputation of being a chic, clean and modern product which has driven the plastic boom and now, with an annual production of 400 million tons, is omnipresent in the everyday life of many people! 

Due to a lack of waste management systems and poor environmental education, plastics, plastic waste and microplastics end up in the environment and pollute it.


To prevent plastic waste from spreading further into the environment, we put it in plastic bottles! Thanks to our innovative construction method using local and mostly natural materials, plastic waste is given a new use as a building material.

Since 2019, a special place has been created at the gates of the Sumatran rainforest. Here, global challenges are communicated in a tangible way and solutions are established. People, nature and animals are helped in this holistic project concept.



Partner alliance
against wild plastic waste

These corporate partners are already committed to a cleaner planet. They collect at least as much plastic waste as they consume or produce themselves. Some even collect twice as much plastic waste! Many of us are committed to a clean planet regardless of this.