More information on our income and expenditure

We drop our pants.

If you decide to make a donation, you also want it to be used conscientiously.

When Project Wings was founded in 2019, we set ourselves the following goal: We want to use your donation as exclusively as possible for project expenses.

We are therefore always on the lookout for new sources of income and creative ideas to generate more revenue. This means that donations from private individuals can be used where they are most needed.

Our statutes

Project Wings is working from Germany to Indonesia on its mission to make environmental protection socially acceptable. To achieve this, we need to implement (environmental) education work with children and young people and protect unique ecosystems with a holistic approach. 

You can find our articles of association and partnership agreement here:

Our goals: 

  • Combining development cooperation with nature and animal protection 
  • Environmental education for children, young people and adults 
  • Building the world’s largest recycling village
  • Establish waste management systems where there are currently no adequate solutions for waste produced

Facts & figures from our
Project report 2023


Our organization and the project work in Germany and Indonesia are financed in a variety of ways. On the one hand, we are sustained by the generous support of our long-term private sponsors. In addition, we receive one-off donations from private individuals, whether through Christmas and birthday donations or through fundraising campaigns on social media.
In addition to these private donations, we receive funding from companies, foundations, public funding pots, events and awards. We also receive sponsorship and environmental contributions via the Wings Coin, in addition to traditional donations.


Our aim is to use the available financial resources efficiently for our
environmental protection projects in Germany and Indonesia. The graphic shows how the distribution within the various project areas.
Every year, we publish a project report in which we provide an overview of the
numerous activities in Indonesia. The project report for 2023 will be published shortly.


As an aid organization, we attach great importance to transparency. Our new graphic gives you a clear overview of how your donations are allocated and take effect in our project. This graphic shows all donations from private supporters, companies, sponsorships and donation platforms and the associated expenses for administration and public relations deposited. In addition to our donations, we also receive economic income and from sponsoring and our software tool Wings Coin, which also flow largely into our project work.

Our work is registered for the promotion of environmental protection, including climate protection, according to the latest
notice of exemption
from the Koblenz tax office (tax number 22/651/50906) dated 20.05.2021 (assessment period 2019 to 2026) according to § 5 (1) no. 9 KStG is exempt from corporation tax. It is exempt from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 GewStG.

That’s not it yet!

What else are we doing for transparency?


Whether at a festival stand, an event or a lecture: we show ourselves in public and answer your questions!

we are regularly audited by foundations and companies

As foundations and companies also help us to implement our projects, we have to be checked by them beforehand.


Project Wings thrives on the energy that the founders have brought with them from the very beginning and that is now being carried on by the other team members. All founders are still part of the team and lead the project!