WINGS Ambassador

Our prominent supporters

We want to spread our mission all over the world. For this we need prominent faces and committed people!

As a young and creative team, we can’t keep our feet still. So it’s no wonder that we are constantly coming up with new ideas to make environmental protection socially acceptable in the face of global challenges. So since 2019, more and more ideas and initiatives have been accumulating around Project Wings. The different companies are implemented by one team: the Project Wings team.

As a supporter of Project Wings, you are not only an important part of environmental protection and our projects, but also a part of our community.

As you help us and contribute to the environmental projects becoming bigger and bigger, we want to do something good for you too.

1. you receive a 25% discount on the entire shopping cart for every order in our Wings Life Shop.

2. we will also keep you up to date on all new promotions.

3. you can volunteer in Sumatra and explore the rainforest on site.

4 You can contact us at any time about an internship or a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

5. you will receive a hand-carved coconut bracelet from our project!