Knowledge imparts, experience teaches.

We want to strengthen the non-profit sector. We don’t see competition here, but simply many helping hands that should support each other.


We help your organization

The Wings Experience was founded to help non-profit organizations and social start-ups establish themselves on the market. Our environmental protection organization Project Wings has successfully established itself on the market and has fulfilled its dream through innovation and authenticity. A young, small team of founders, little start-up capital, part-time work and all the challenges that most of the almost 630,000 other aid organizations in Germany have/had to contend with at the beginning.

We are incredibly grateful for every single success we have had in recent years. Now we want other non-profit organizations to benefit from our wealth of experience and talk in our mentoring programs about various sources of income, comprehensible project work and a media-effective public image. We report on our successes with numerous practical examples, but also on the detours we had to take. The aim is to create an individual coaching and to give you what you actually need to make your organization and thus the whole world a little bit better.

Our intention:

  • Be a sparring partner – to drive your growth forward in a targeted manner
  • Support you individually, effectively and in a time-saving manner
  • do not offer off-the-shelf mentoring, but define the focus with you according to your personal needs

Successes of Project Wings

  • Numerous permanent sponsors
  • Published over 150 times in the press since its foundation
  • strong patrons such as Culcha Candela are behind us
  • Grandiose awards (e.g. German Commitment Award, Golden Image of a Woman, Social Human Rights Award)

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