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Sustainable living should be easy – and ideally affordable! That’s what our green online store is for.

As a young and creative team, we can’t keep our feet still. So it’s no wonder that we are constantly coming up with new ideas to make environmental protection socially acceptable in the face of global challenges. So since 2019, more and more ideas and initiatives have been accumulating around Project Wings. The different companies are implemented by one team: the Project Wings team.

All or nothing?

Sustainable consumption

We are now almost 8 billion people on our planet. By comparison, in 1950 the figure was 2.5 billion. According to estimates and forecasts by the United Nations (UN), there will be 9.7 billion earthlings by 2050 and 10.7 billion by 2100.

The world’s population is growing continuously, but our planet’s resources are limited. As a result, more people have to share these finite resources, which are not evenly distributed and are mainly produced in poorer countries that do not have the means to consume them.

The high-consumption Western world in particular uses far more resources than are actually available to it. The consequences of overconsumption can be seen across a wide spectrum: from extinct ecosystems to the complete loss of biodiversity and species diversity.
It is therefore all the more important to consume sustainably.

But what exactly is sustainable consumption?

Sustainability as a single term is defined as follows:

“Principle according to which no more may be consumed than can be regrown, regenerated and made available again in the future.”

Consumption can be described as sustainable if it “meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and choose their own lifestyles”. Sustainable consumption is therefore part of a sustainable way of life and behavior in which environmental aspects and social impacts are taken into account when purchasing and using products and services, as well as the subsequent correct disposal.

As a result, sustainable products conserve resources as much as possible over their entire service life.

Sustainable consumption therefore begins with people’s individual lifestyles and, in this sense, means above all: conscious consumption, i.e. taking a closer look and considering one’s own “overall balance”.

It is important for consumers to consider the entire value chain, which means that when they buy a sustainable product, they also have a voice in improving the entire value chain.

For example, it helps to ask yourself the following questions: “Do I really need this or am I just being told that I need it?”, “Where and under what conditions was the product produced?”.

It is therefore important to use the available resources more responsibly and to consume more consciously.

We need to get to the root of the issue and start with education: Consumers must therefore be better informed so that they can make sustainable purchasing decisions. Because often it is simply a lack of information.


SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) number 12 of the 2030 Agenda also addresses precisely this issue: Sustainable consumption and production
Natural resources should be used sustainably and efficiently.
Waste should be avoided or recycled and hazardous waste disposed of safely.
The aim is to reduce food waste.
Companies should be encouraged to minimize their social and environmental risks.
Consumers should be better informed about sustainable consumption.
The authorities should give preference to sustainable products in procurement.
The handling of chemicals should become more environmentally friendly.

Our passion:

Environmental protection

The online store Wings Life was created directly from Project Wings. We tie in directly with the concept of holistic environmental protection. We have found that alternative products are often far too expensive for consumers. That’s why we have made it our mission to make your everyday life more beautiful with sustainable products at fair prices.

But that’s not all! We work hand in hand with Project Wings. With every purchase in our sustainable online store, you contribute directly to the implementation of new projects. Together, we are building more recycling villages and giving new meaning to the plastic we already have, while no longer producing new plastic. Simply browse through our range and discover numerous ecological alternatives!

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Order everyday items in your sustainable online store

Everyone needs soap, shampoo and a toothbrush. But conventional products are generally rich in (micro)plastic. Do you want to do without it? Then our range of sustainable drugstore products is just right for you. Try tooth powder, shaving soap and deodorant cream. What may seem strange at first glance are great alternatives to conventional products. They completely dispense with plastic packaging and impress with their environmentally conscious ingredients.

At the same time, you can give your bathroom a new look with our great soap dishes and bathroom textiles. These bathroom accessories are not only elegant, but also environmentally friendly. And of course you don’t have to stop there in your washroom. We also have the right equipment for your kitchen.

From spontaneous barbecues to family celebrations, you are well equipped with our kitchen gadgets. Order your organic cutlery, crockery and other kitchen accessories from Wings Life. You can even find spices for the food itself and cleaning products for the mess afterwards.

Fashionable on the move with Wings Life

Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring. Quite the opposite: we offer you your new, favorite fashion pieces. From cool sweaters with a fresh print, to colorful shoes with a unique look, to accessories that double as lucky charms, everything is included. This way you dress yourself from head to toe and do something good for the environment at the same time.

But our range doesn’t stop at clothing. Redesign your home too. With our ecological home accessories, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Do you travel a lot? Then our plastic-free picnic essentials are a must. Whether you’re camping or on a morning hike, you can enjoy your provisions in style. If you are still looking for entertainment, you will also find numerous sustainable games for the whole family in our store.

Member Benefits

As a supporter of Project Wings, you are more than just an important part of our projects. You are also part of our community!

As you help us and contribute to the environmental projects becoming bigger and bigger, we want to do something good for you.

1. you receive a 25% discount on the entire shopping cart for every order in our Wings Life Shop.

2. we will also keep you up to date on all new promotions.

3. you can volunteer in Sumatra and explore the rainforest on site.

4 You can contact us at any time about an internship or a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

5. you will receive a hand-carved coconut bracelet from our project!

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