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Sustainable, climate-friendly and refreshing!


Making a difference regionally in order to make a difference globally is not only our drive, but our passion!

That’s why, together with our partner Rhenser Mineralbrunnen, we have combined high-quality spring water with bottles made from climate-friendly and sustainable raw materials. It is our responsibility to start with what is most important for our planet and our health: water.

The result is our own charity water: Wings Water.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Project Wings and will provide targeted support for local water projects.

Wings Water


The packaging consists mainly of climate-friendly wood fibers. What’s more, the plastic is made from renewable sugar cane.

This is precisely why the beverage carton is a climate-friendly alternative to conventional drinking bottles. The proportion of plant-based material is also set to increase to 100% by 2024.

The packaging consists of 88% renewable raw materials (54% paper, 34% plant-based plastic), which can be processed into new products. The bottle should therefore be placed in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag so that it can be recycled.

Our Wings Waters packaging is FSC-certified. This means that only wood from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources is used for the cardboard. The plant-based plastic is Bonsucro certified and supports sustainable sugar cane cultivation.

Tetra Top is lighter than glass and also ensures lower emissions during transportation and production.

Thanks to its square and compact shape, the bottles can be transported in a space-efficient manner without losing storage space.

When the bottle is empty, you can easily refill it so that you can take the lightweight bottle with you wherever you go.

We use 100% green electricity to bottle our mineral water.

Packaging won't save the world, but it's a start!

When you buy our Charity Water, you not only help to support various sustainable projects, but also improve the living conditions of local people.

Here in neighboring Rhens, our partner Rhenser Mineralbrunnen also ensures both a healthy environment and impeccable drinking water quality. The spring originates in Rhens am Rhein and is bottled directly there without any detours, which in turn saves long transportation routes.

The bottle can therefore already be found in various hotels, restaurants, companies and retailers.

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