More than an NGO

Project Wings is now more than just an environmental protection organization. Wings World includes digital and resource-saving tools for the hotel industry, advice for aid organizations and much more.

As a young and creative team, we can’t keep our feet still. So it’s no wonder that we are constantly coming up with new ideas to make environmental protection socially acceptable in the face of global challenges. So since 2019, more and more ideas and initiatives have been accumulating around Project Wings. The different companies are implemented by one team: the Project Wings team.

Wings Life

In the Wings Life online store, we offer a large selection of products for your sustainable everyday life. We pay attention to the sustainability of our product range. As a Wings member (regular donor) you always receive a 25% discount on our entire range!

Wings Experience

The Wings Experience was founded so that more people can put their initiatives on a healthy footing. As the name suggests, the knowledge and experience of founding Project Wings is passed on to associations and individuals.

Wings Ambassador

Our team has grown steadily since it was founded in 2019. Even familiar faces are fully behind our project. Their reach makes our concerns heard. Together we show that everyone really can make a difference!

Every night can make a difference


The Wings Coin is a simple and digital way for guests to voluntarily cancel their room cleaning in hotels. For every order canceled, the guest receives a reward in the form of a free drink or other attractive offers. 

All he has to do is scan a QR code on a display in his room. The hotel receives an e-mail at a desired time from the housekeeping team, in which all canceled room cleanings for the following day can be found.  

With every single cleaning we save, we protect the environment and reduce the workload on cleaning staff. 

We also provide the hotel with numerous videos, social media templates and other material free of charge to raise awareness of sustainability and CSR among guests and employees.

The hotel can decide for itself what environmental contribution it would like to make to our organization for each cleaning ordered. 

With the Wings Coin and the simple technical implementation of the idea, we were named “Startup of the Year 2022” and won the fundraising prize for the best cooperation between NGOs and companies. We also won the Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism Award in the Innovation category and inspired former national goalkeeper René Adler to become an honorary patron. 

Please find attached further information and our website. 

Project Wings


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Founder & Managing Director

Area of responsibility: Finance & Corporate Cooperation

Mission: Build the largest recycling village in the world

Favorite sustainability tip: walk

Favorite product from the store: Toothpaste in a jar

Founder & authorized signatory


Responsibilities: Marketing, PR, Team

Mission: Make environmental protection socially acceptable!

Favorite sustainability tip: More plants, fewer animals

Favorite product from the store: Muesli tin

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Area of responsibility: Face to face fundraising

Mission: Passing on a healthy world to my son

Favorite sustainability tip: take a cold shower

Favorite product from the store: Nail file

Responsibilities: German project manager in Sumatra

MissionThe largest recycling village in the world and a palm oil-free zone. Permaculture instead of monoculture

Favorite sustainability tip: Gocontainer shopping – food should not be thrown away

Favorite product from the store: Deo Stick: Persian Lime

Responsibilities: Civil engineer

Mission: keeping the earth livable through creativity & science

Favorite sustainability tip: Consume consciously!

Favorite product from the store: FUNKY pineapple necklace

Responsibilities: Project management Indonesia

Mission: Social justice

Favorite sustainability tip: Essentialism: less is more.

Favorite product from the store: Bamboo towel

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Responsibilities: Administration, event management

Mission: To keep my scout promise from before

Favorite sustainability tip: It doesn’t always have to be new

Favorite product from the store: Sumatra Sweater (blue)

Area of responsibility: Wings Coin

Mission: to leave the places a little bit better than we found them

Favorite sustainability tip: Quality instead of quantity

Favorite product from the store: reusable make-up remover pads

Area of responsibility: Co-founder Head of Wings Experience

Favorite sustainability tip: Pimping old things

Favorite product from the store: Bento Box

Area of responsibility: Environmental education

Mission: Shaping the future for a green world

Favorite sustainability tip: Plant power for a better world

Favorite product from the store: Ben&Anna toothpaste

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Area of responsibility: Online store

Mission: To find the mission

Favorite sustainability tip: Buy more regional products

Favorite product from the store: Mushroom pesto

Area of responsibility: Environmental education

Mission: Secret mission

Favorite sustainability tip: Showering in pairs saves water

Favorite product from the store: Bamboo thermos flask

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Responsibilities: Intern

Mission: even the little things count

Favorite sustainability tip: Use public transport

Favorite product from the store: Project Wings x Liberty Roots sweater

Responsibilities: Yoga teacher and fruit supplier

Mission: to make yourself and others happy

Favorite sustainability tip: consume organic and locally

Favorite product from the store: Wings Pride bracelet

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